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Pre Contest Prep Group Training

My pre contest prep group training classes run Monday through Saturday at our gym in Scottsdale and is great for competitors or those seeking to attain a physique of a competitor. My group workouts are 45 to 75 minutes that infuse high intensity circuit weight training, plyometrics, HIIT and crazy ab routines. I’d love to have you join the team. Let’s get you dialed in!

Group Training $349 monthly

What’s Included

  • 12 group training that you can attend based on your schedule monthly
  • Muscle group focused weight training
  • Personalized nutrition and supplementation program
  • Bi-weekly individual progress meeting
  • Body fat measurements bi-weekly
  • Access to posing classes

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Group Training FAQs

  1. Is your group training just for competitors prepping for a bodybuilding contest?

    No, it’s for anybody that is aspiring to get into shape.

  2. Do you offer group training for just women or men too?

    I have both women and men’s group training classes.

  3. Is your nutrition and supplementation templated in a group setting or is it personal to me?

    It’s personalized to your physique goals. I change it monthly based on how your body is reacting to meal frequency, protein, carbohydrate and fat digestion. As we get closer to your competition it’s also important to meal plan accordingly.

  4. How does your class schedules work?

    Each month my classes are posted with muscle and cardio focus. You can attend them as you see fit without having to schedule in advance.

  5. Can I combine group training with personal or online training?

    Yes, and this is pretty common. A lot of my clients will couple group training with personal training to prepare for a contest.

  6. Do you consult with me before getting started?

    Yes. Whether you’ve competed before or just getting started I’d like to learn about you and your fitness goals. I’ll check your body fat percentages and then put together a nutrition and supplementation plan tailored to you.

  7. Can I join mid-month?

    Yes, you’ll just be pro-rated.

  8. Do you help with posing?

    Yes, we have specific classes for posing that you get access.

Fitness programs tailored to push you from the inside out.

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Personal Training

It’s common for my clients to blend group training with one on one personal training to prepare for a contest. It allows me to really harp in on the nitty gritty during your training sessions and diet to see optimal muscle gains. Everybody’s body responds different to protein, carbohydrates, fats and of course the training. Including my personal training can accelerate the process and teach you more advanced forms of muscle confusion and how to adjust your diet and supplementation to repair your body faster.

12 Week Online Contest Prep

If you’re worried about your schedule or live too far away my 12 week online training program is awesome. It works around your schedule and includes a weight lifting program and personalized nutrition and supplementation program. I work with you via email and what’s app to coach you to get you into the best shape possible before your show.