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       Frequently Asked Questions

Group Training
Bikini Prep

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is your coaching only for competitors prepping for a bodybuilding contest?

    Absolutely not, whether you are a competitor or a beginner, anybody is welcome to join.  My group classes and training methods are designed for anybody that is aspiring to get into shape.

  2. Do you offer group training for just women or men too?

    I have both women and men’s group training classes.

  3. Is your nutrition and supplementation templated in a group setting or is it personal to me?

    It’s personalized to your particular goals. I change it monthly based on how your body is reacting to meal frequency, protein, carbohydrate and fat digestion.

  4. How does your class schedules work?

    Each month my classes are posted with either muscle and cardio focus. You can attend them as you see fit without having to schedule in advance.

  5. Can I combine group training with personal or online training?

    Yes, and this is pretty common. A lot of my clients will couple group training with personal training if they are preparing for a contest or special occasion.

  6. Do you consult with me before getting started?

    Yes.  It is important to learn about you and your fitness goals. I’ll check your body fat percentages and then put together a nutrition and supplementation plan tailored to you prior to starting your training plan.

  7. Can I join mid-month?

    Yes, you’ll just be pro-rated.

  8. Do you help with posing?

    Yes, if you are competing, we have specific classes for posing where I'll walk you through the do's and don't to make sure you are confident on stage.


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