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About Ernies Elite Team

Have your tried different fitness programs and failed to achieve your goals? Ernie’s Elite Team is different. The team is led by veteran bodybuilder and fitness trainer Ernie Villegas. Ernie provides personal training to women and men who are seeking a healthier way of life or looking to challenge themselves through competition. Ernie’s Elite Team consists of both amateur and professional competitors in bikini, figure and bodybuilding – many of whom have earned trophies for top five placements.

30 + Years of Competition Training

Everyone’s bodies work differently. As a result, pre-made programs simply don’t deliver as well a program created to work in harmony with your body’s ecosystem. Training alone will not deliver the same results and a complete program which incorporates the right nutrition and supplementation. This is why with Ernie’s Elite Team we create everything from your nutrition plan and supplementation to a quality training program that work with your body’s weak points to help you meet your fitness goals. Whether you’re trying to compete or look like a competitor, our unique approach delivers champion after champion – both on stage and off.

Competition or not, Ernie offers a friendly and motivating environment for you to learn and improve your health and fitness level.People from Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, Phoenix and even around the country have come to train with Ernie. From group to one-on-one training, Ernie offers a variety of programs to fit your workout style and budget.

Nationally Recognized Fitness Trainer

Ernie Villegas, competitor and top notch dynamic personal trainer has been involved in the bodybuilding fitness industry for over 30 years. He competed in bodybuilding for over 12 years with his last competition appearance in 1999. In 1986 Ernie hit the scene in the figure and fitness industry starting with only 2 female competitors. He now trains 30+ competitors at various levels of fitness and the figure competition industry. Figure has become his signature specialty. He has been a certified personal trainer for over 21 years as well as a certified NPC judge for the past 14 years.

The intense involvement and expertise Ernie has in the bodybuilding competition scene here in Arizona, has helped advance the sport into what is now; a bodybuilding, figure/ fitness power house.

Ernie Villegas has been a significant force in establishing Arizona as a figure competitors Mecca. He has trained champion after champion at the local level and has made his mark on the national scene. Locally, Ernie’s competitors have placed in the top five, won their class or taken the overall.Trust a proven training professional who is committed to helping you reach your fitness goals.

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