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About Ernie Villegas

I am a nationally recognized and certified personal trainer, NPC Judge and former bodybuilding competitor with over 32 years of personal training and competition prep experience.  I now coach over 30 active competitors and have many more individual clients who work with me to create healthy and lasting lifestyle changes in their lives. 

I am passionate about helping anyone, regardless of their fitness goal and while I have trained many award winning competitors on the local and national levels, I have an equal amount of clients that are new to eating healthy and exercising so don’t be afraid to reach out for a free phone consultation by me personally.


Ernie Villegas

My Team

Training with Ernie has changed my life. I always knew what was healthy and how to workout, but not how to transform my body to what I had always wanted it to be. I have never done anything so hard, but yet so rewarding. Its great if you win, but all-in-all you already get your satisfaction and reward every time you look in the mirror and see what you have done. It’s amazing the bodies God has given us, it just takes a little work, to get the full potential out of them!

Hannah, Phoenix Bikini Prep

Training with Ernie has had a huge impact on my life. Working out on a team inspired me to become a fitness instructor. I’ve made new friends. I’ve learned a lot about nutrition and the way our bodies work. And I found out that I’m a lot stronger on the inside than I ever knew! Thanks Ernie!

Jonelle, Figure Competitor

Ernie gave me the courage and confidence to compete and believed in me. I’ve learned so much from him and truly enjoy competing. I am privileged to work with him. He is a true professional, mentor and friend. I have him to thank for my success!

Jennifer Scottsdale, Arizona

Ernie is a no-nonsense trainer with a proven track record. Beyond his training, nutrition and supplement expertise, Ernie is caring and dedicated to the overall well-being of his team members. He continues to challenge me and motivate me.

Jennifer Scottsdale, IFBB Pro


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