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Personal Training Coach – Pre Contest Prep

Ernie Villegas has been a well-respected personal training coach in the fitness and health industry for over 30 years and has established himself as one of the top pre contest prep trainers nationally. Based in Scottsdale Arizona, Ernie offers bodybuilding competition programs focused on Figure, Bikini, Men’s Classic Physique, Bodybuilding and Weightless programs.

Whether you’re a seasoned IFBB Pro preparing for your next competition or seeking the physique of a competitor, Ernie offers fitness and nutrition programs that can be taken advantage of through online training, group sessions and personal 1 on 1 training. Training programs use a blend of classic and modern weight lifting to focus on weak points, plyometric strength and conditioning and cardio. All programs have a strong emphasis on the nutrition along with the right supplementation to fuel intense workouts and blast away fat.

Nationally Recognized Fitness Trainer

Ernie Villegas, competitor and top notch dynamic personal trainer has been involved in the bodybuilding fitness industry for over 30 years. He competed in bodybuilding for over 12 years with his last competition appearance in 1999. In 1986 Ernie hit the scene in the figure and fitness industry starting with only 2 female competitors. He now trains 30+ competitors at various levels of fitness and the figure competition industry. Figure has become his signature specialty. He has been a certified personal trainer for over 21 years as well as a certified NPC judge for the past 14 years.

The intense involvement and expertise Ernie has in the bodybuilding competition scene here in Arizona, has helped advance the sport into what is now; a bodybuilding, figure/ fitness power house.

Ernie Villegas has been a significant force in establishing Arizona as a figure competitors Mecca. He has trained champion after champion at the local level and has made his mark on the national scene. Locally, Ernie’s competitors have placed in the top five, won their class or taken the overall.Trust a proven training professional who is committed to helping you reach your fitness goals.

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Training with Ernie has changed my life. I always knew what was healthy and how to workout, but not how to transform my body to what I had always wanted it to be. I have never done anything so hard, but yet so rewarding. Its great if you win, but all-in-all you already get your satisfaction and reward every time you look in the mirror and see what you have done. It’s amazing the bodies God has given us, it just takes a little work, to get the full potential out of them!

Hannah, Phoenix Bikini Prep

Training with Ernie has had a huge impact on my life. Working out on a team inspired me to become a fitness instructor. I’ve made new friends. I’ve learned a lot about nutrition and the way our bodies work. And I found out that I’m a lot stronger on the inside than I ever knew! Thanks Ernie!

Jonelle, Figure Competitor

Ernie gave me the courage and confidence to compete and believed in me. I’ve learned so much from him and truly enjoy competing. I am privileged to work with him. He is a true professional, mentor and friend. I have him to thank for my success!

Jennifer Scottsdale, Arizona

Ernie is a no-nonsense trainer with a proven track record. Beyond his training, nutrition and supplement expertise, Ernie is caring and dedicated to the overall well-being of his team members. He continues to challenge me and motivate me.

Jennifer Scottsdale, IFBB Pro

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